UK DCB/Charge to Bill

Learn all about UK DCB/Charge to Bill and how to get started.

The UK has recently enacted a new policy to allow for direct carrier billing across networks. This means that with as Mobivate we can host payment pages for your UK based services. These payment pages can be customised and fine tuned to your specifications.

How it works

We host your payment pages, that facilitate a UK compliant OPT-IN flow which will be cross checked by each mobile network provider before launch. Header enrichment is available across all UK mobile network operators, except for EE. This means that when a mobile user is browsing on-net (3G, 4G and 5G) the mobile number will be available in the web session without entering it manually.

If a user attempts to subscribe to your service off-net (Wifi), it will request the user to enter a UK mobile number that will generate a PIN code and will send it to that mobile number via SMS, to be entered back into the website.

If successful the user will be redirected to a customised success screen, after a 5 second delay the user will be redirected to your provided content URL. In the event that the PIN code is incorrect or the service encounters a problem. The user will be presented with a customised failure page, informing them their subscription was unsuccessful.

For more information on the Header enrichment flow, click here.

What we need from you

Content URL: the URL that directs successfully subscribed users to your content/service).

Notification URL: the URL that we push OPT-IN success and billing success messages etc.

Logo/Header image: your chosen logo/header image for this service.

Background Image: your chosen background image that will be present on each page.

Footer content: containing your contact details and links where subscribers can reach out to you for assistance with their subscription.

After providing the above, we will submit your service off for approval. The payment pages will be then be reviewed by the UK mobile network operators. Alternatively, you can use our template and provide us with the relevant assets as required.

For more information on UK DCB/Charge to bill, please contact your account manager.

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