Sending Content To Subscribers (API)

This document details how to send content/binary messages to your subscribers via RESTful api.

If you are using our content system you can also send your content directly to your subscribers via our RESTful api with the following POST request:<campaign_id>/content


The only parameter you need to use in this api call is your content id as described below.

Successful response

If your user has been sent content successfully you will receive the following response, HTTP Status Code 200:

  "authenticated" : True,
  "valid_msisdn" : True,
  "valid_campaign" : True,
  "campaign_status" : "active",
  "campaign_name" : "Test Campaign",
  "campaign_service" : "12345",
  "state" : "queued"
  "error" : Null,
  "reference": "AP:aaaaaaa-bbbbbbbbb-cccccccc"

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