Checking Subscription Status (API)

This document aims to detail how to check subscriptions status of subscribers.

You can also check your users subscription status via our RESTFul api with the following POST request:<campaign_id>/status


The only parameter required for the request is the statuses you check.



The statuses you want to check, for example: active, inactive, nf, nfi, ping, onhold, blocked, reinvite and doi-onhold


The unique MSISDN you are trying to unsubscribe.


Unique parameter consisting of three values: campaign_id, msisdn and account_id. For example: 1af289e14aa593c843da7cd869a8e2f7.

Please note: You can include multiple statuses in your request, for example: 'active', 'inactive' etc.

Successful response

If your user's status has been checked successfully you will receive the following response, HTTP Status Code 200:

  "authenticated" : True,
  "valid_ " : True,
  "valid_campaign" : True,
  "campaign_status" : "active",
  "campaign_name" : "Test Campaign",
  "campaign_service" : "12345",
  "state" : ('active','inactive','nf','nfi','ping','onhold','blocked','reinvite','doi-onhold',
  "error" : Null,
  "reference": "AP:aaaaaaa-bbbbbbbbb-cccccccc"

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