Search Content (API)

This document aims to detail how to search content via RESTFul api.

To list all available categories available to your account you can make the following GET request:<account_id>/item/search/<**offset=0**><**limit=100**>/?search<>=---:---:---:---&search<>

The URL consists of two optional parameters ''offset'' and ''limit''. Incrementing ''offset'' (by multiples of limit) will return the next page of results. Increasing the ''limit'' will return more results in each query.

A search query has FOUR parts. Parts are separated by a semi-colon '':''. Any part of the query can be replaced with a ''*'' to use a wild-card in that place.



By posting the query ''search[]=–:–:–:–'' you can search for the specific ''content_type'':''category'':''artist'':''title'' (in this specific order!) ''artist'' and ''title'' use wild-cards so by entering ''"on"'' in place of ''artist'', you are searching for all artists containing letters 'on' anywhere in their name. (ie. Beyonce, 'Mona Lisa'). For example:


Please note: You can search multiple queries in a single request.

The query above can be interpreted as:

  • Any item in of type Games and in category "Sports" containing "ball" anywhere in the title.

  • And, All Video Items in category "Funny".

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