MNO Web Opt-In Kenya

This document describes MNO Web Opt-In for KE.

For Kenya, Mobivate offers a few different Flows that cater to our customers needs for traffic/marketing.

At present, we have 3 different flows: ZeroD, Paidweb and SecureD.

Paidweb and ZeroD

Flow: The user lands on your landing page where we will generate a unique trxID for the user and perform a header enrichment lookup. Once the lookup is performed we will obtain the hashed MSIDIN for that user.

The landing page will then redirect the user to subscription confirmation page where the user must consent to subscribing to the service. Following successful consent and MSISDN verification, the user will be redirected to your content URL and will receive a confirmation SMS message of successful subscription to your service.

The returned user will already be subscribed to your service and you can start sending billed messages.


Flow: Is almost identical the Paidweb and ZeroD but with one difference, SecureD allows you to manage and provide your own marketing traffic. With this in mind, the flow differs slightly as you will need to generate a trxID on your server and redirect your users to a subscription URL that Mobivate provides you with. To learn more about the SecureD technical integration you can read our guide here.

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