Subscription API (RESTFul)

This document will detail how to use our subscription API on our Gateway.

Subscription requests can be sent to our gateway via a HTTP POST API request to our endpoint:<version>/<campaign_id>/

Your unique subscription API can be be found under your campaign configuration screen under the API URL section.

Request Parameters



The version of the subscription api. Currently can only be v1.


Your unique Mobivate campaign id, for example: 0000d000a000d000c000e0f000b00.


Which method you would like to call can be one of the following:

initiate, validate_pin, unsubscribe,status or content.

JSON Parameters

When making this API request, you will need to also provide the following raw JSON parameters.




The unqiue msisdn for this request, must be in international format.


Name of the traffic source/unqiue Mobivate keyword. Required except for in the status method.


Unique parameter consisting of three values: campaign_id, msisdn and account_id. For example: 1af289e14aa593c843da7cd869a8e2f7.

Please note: The Signature parameter uses standard MD5 hashing algorithm. You must convert this before making the request. An example of the MD5 hashing can be found below.

Signature Conversion

The Signature field needs to be converted using a standard MD5 hashing algorithm in order for your request to work. For example:

account_id: 43e36f54eef111e270639871000000f1

campaign_id: c71e2c2ee68b410a82d6c5f910c2d428

msisdn: 254700000000

When run through a standard MD5 hashing algorithm would become:

MD5 hash: 1af289e14aa593c843da7cd869a8e2f7.

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