Content API (RESTFul)

This document will detail how to use our content API on our Gateway.

To pull content information from the our content Portal you can use Mobivate's Content API (RESTful).

This means that by making few simple HTTP GET Requests, you can retrieve the content information, including the images and record it on your own site for faster content retrieval while keeping your website content up-to-date.

API Requests

For all requests to Content API, make the HTTP GET request to:<version>/<account_id>/<method>


We understand some programmers have preference of retrieving responses in XML while others may prefer JSON format. So, we offer both.

You can request the format you prefer in two ways:

By specifying the ''Accepts: application-json'' / ''Accepts: application-xml'' in the request or, by adding the ''format=(json | xml)'' parameter in the URL request string.

Example Request


Example Response

  <item>Android Apps</item>
  <item>Cover Full Tracks</item>
  <item>True Full Tracks</item>


Below are a list of parameters used for the content api requests:



The version of the subscription api. Currently can only be v1.


Your unique Mobivate account id, for example: 0000d000a000d000c000e0f000b00.


Which method you would like to call can be one of the following: content_types,

categories, search, latest or item.

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