Delivery Notifications

Learn all about Delivery notifications for MNO Web Opt-In for NI.

On successfully billed request, a notification will be sent to your nominated URL.



When getting a successful billed response, the status code would be one of the following:



New subscription started.


Positive Billing.


Failed Billing, Insufficient funds.


Inactive Subscription, User opted out.

What If MNO web opt-in fails?

As previously mentioned:

β€œMNO web opt-in will only work if the user is browsing via his/her mobile device while connected to the MNOs Mobile Data. It will NOT work if the user is connected to the WiFi!”

But this does not mean that you cannot point a failed MNO opt-in to another opt-in flow. For example, it is recommended on failure to point a user to the NDOI opt-in flow.

On a failed MNO web opt-in the user will be returned to your return URL with the STATUS set to FAILED like below:

http://yourdomain/returned?status=failed&message=<Network Message>

Where β€œ&message=” will explain the specific network error received. The server hosting your return URL must be able to redirect based on this β€œ&status=failed” parameter.

You would then pass the parameters described in the section Network Double Opt-in (NDOI) to the NDOI endpoint. While also redirecting the user to your content page.

For more information on Network Double Opt-In (NDOI), click here.

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