Subscribing users to your service

This document describes how to subscribe users to your service.

As Mobivate offers our users multiple flows through Kenya. The subscription process will slightly differ depending on your selected flow.

Paidweb or ZeroD Subscriptions

If you are using either our Paidweb or ZeroD flow then Mobivate will handle the subscriptions and send you a notification upon successful subscription. To configure your subscriptions endpoint notifications, please read our campaign configuration documents here.

SecureD Subscriptions

Our SecureD flow differs slightly from Paidweb and ZeroD because it allows our users to handle their own marketing and traffic. The Flow for our SecureD can be viewed and explained here.

If you are using our SecureD flow there are a few additional technical changes that must be made on your side.

When one of your users clicks your marketing banner/material, you must generate the user a unique trxID, this is per user, per session.




A unique transaction reference.

Please note: You cannot present the user with a page while you do this, it must be completely invisible to the user.

Once you have generated the unique trxID, you then must redirect the user to an url Mobivate will provide you with. For example:


Please note: You must append the trxID to the URL Mobivate provide you with.

To read more about how to configure your subscription notifications, please read our Campaign Configuration guide.

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