Subscribing the User to the Service

Learn how to subscribe the users to your service.

Once you have the UserID you can request a subscription to your service. For this you can use our NetworkSubscription API. The User ID is normally the MSISDN number associated with the subscription.

For subscribing a MTN Customer request:

GET: https://<hostname>/lookup/subscribe/mtnng/?userid={USERID}&keyword={PRODUCT_ID}

For subscribing an Etisalat Customer request:

GET: https://<hostname>/lookup/subscribe/etisalatng/?userid={USERID}&keyword={PRODUCT_ID}

The required parameters for the Etisalat Customer request are as follows:




Mobivate's content domain.



The userid that was sent to your Return URL.



The ProductID that you wish to subscribe the user to. Bear in mind, if subscribing the user to MTNNG, you must use the same MTN_PRODUCT_ID as you did when requesting the USER ID.

When receiving a response all requests will return HTTP Code 200 and a JSON body.


On Success:

  subscribed: true,
  message: "Subscription request has been accepted!",
  code: 202

On Failure:

  subscribed: false,
  message: "Execution Error: Invalid Ad Id",
  code: 400

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