Content Items (API)

This document aims to detail how to get content items via our RESTFul API.

You can retrieve specific content items available to your account by making the following GET request:<account_id>/item/<code>




Your unique Mobivate account id, for example: 0000d000a000d000c000e0f000b00.


Your unique content code. For example: 1234567.

Successful Response

  category: "Content Category",
  uploaded: "2008-06-16 14:43:38",
  file_preview: "<random code>",
  supplierID: "21",
  artist: "Content Artist",
  title: "Content Type",
  CODE: "1234567",
  adult: "No",
  short_description: "",
  type: "Content Type",
  compatibility: "None"

Please note: You should fetch any file_preview items available for download and store them locally as it's usually fastest possible option for the website to load.

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